10 Best Android Emulators for PC & Laptop

If you are looking for best android emulators then there are many emulators available in the market. There are different reasons for which people are now looking for emulators. For developers, Android emulator is a platform where they can test their apps and for Android lovers, it is an application through which they can play or operate games through keyboard and mouse.

Android emulators are changing the mobile gaming experience on PC, so you have to pick the best android emulator for a better experience on your PC. There are many benefits that you will get on using Android emulators on windows PC so it is the time to try an emulator. There are many in the market, some deliver what they advertised and some not. So after trying and examining many emulators here, I am sharing details about top 10 best android emulators for PC.

Know Before Choosing An Android Emulator:

One thing you have to keep in mind that the performance of emulators depends upon the hardware configuration of your System on which you are going to install. Slow processor and low graphics sometimes lag the performance of Android emulators. So for better gaming experience upgrade the system configuration. The name of android emulators for PC that I am going to share it for free but to avail some feature like remove ads you need to spend some bucks. So check out and pick the one from top 10 best Android emulators for windows.

10 Best Android Emulators:

Here listed are some of the top Android Emulators that are available to us nowadays. A short description and some features about these have been provided.

# 10 Genymotion:

It is a popular emulator that can change your gaming experience to some extent. With this emulator, you can run each and every app that is developed for android platform. You can download it for free from any trusted app sources.  It is also available online, so you don’t need to install it on your PC. But for that, you have to contact with its official for private access to its online version.


  • Nice interface that supports all platforms.
  • It accelerates hardware as it is developed with advance feature like OpenGL.
  • It is very smooth and operates very fast.

# 9 YouWave:

It is old and widely popular Android emulators. They are regularly updating it with many advanced features. With YouWave emulator you can run any apps on your PC.  This emulator first developed for ice cream sandwich android OS version but later it is upgraded to the recent version of Android. This app not featured for games but still you can run every gaming app on it. With this emulator, you can run light weight games.  It is widely available in the top online app sources.


  • It is developed with a clean and smooth interface.
  • It supports both Windows and MAC system.
  • Some features which are advanced not present in the free version of YouWave. So avail all its premium features you have to spend some bucks for its premium version.

#8 Xamarin:

It is a quite popular among those who want to run android app on their computer system. It is basically an IDE quite similar to Android studio. It is very suitable for developers in order to test what they developed. Each and every app that developed for android OS fits smoothly in this android emulator.  Not only for development and testing purpose of the app, this emulator is also one of the most picked emulators for windows.


  • It offers good and handy user interface.
  • It is an IDE so it also avails you to develop any apps on it.
  • It is not developed for entertainment use; it is fully a development platform.
  • Its basic version comes for free but if you want to use it unlimited then you need to upgrade it to a premium version.

#7 LeapDroid:

It is also a powerful emulator that successfully gained many reviews along with many satisfied customers. Previously it is available on Google Play Store for free but due to some issues, it has been removed from it. But if you want to download, you can download it from any trusted app sources. It is based on Android Kit Kat with many advanced features.


  • It comes with inbuilt apps for music, camera and more.
  • Its interface is friendly as it provides shortcuts to download all popular games.
  • It offers full support for Google play store.
  • It is fully responsive. Further, you can adjust graphics between Direct X to OpenGL.
  • Its gesture is quite impressive for which maximum emulator users are using it.


If you are searching for an android emulator then this is popular among best Android emulators. Its interface is very easy, but before installing you have to enable virtualization technology. This emulator runs in Android Lollipop but still, you can upgrade it to jelly bean. As it is developed with the new Android version so you can easily run all recently launched apps and games on it. It comes with a trial period of 30 days after which you need to pay some cash to continue.



  • It supports GPS enabled games and gamepads.
  • On this emulator, you can run rooting apps.
  • Its interface is very friendly and easy to handle.

 #5 KoPlayer:

It is a very famous and widely used emulator for PC. With this application, you can launch the old and recently released app on your PC. This emulator mainly developed for gaming purposes. So if you want to play any android games on a big screen then this emulator can be a good choice for you. It is for free and you can easily download it from all popular app sources. It is a very simple and easy handling emulator with many inbuilt features.


  • You can play any android games on PC through this emulator.
  • With this, you can record your game play in order to share with your friends on social network.
  • The installation process is very easy and fast.

 #4 Nox Player:

If you are looking for high performance and powerful android emulator then NOX player is the best to choose. It is popular as an android emulator for windows only for its supports and service. It delivers a better android experience on your PC. It also provides touch feature so if you own a screen touch screen then you can enjoy its touch screen feature too.


  • It is fast installing and smooth operating android emulator.
  • With it, you can take a screenshot, adjust volume, graphics and much more.
  • It offers touch gesture only to improve its usability.
  • It is free to download and widely available on popular app sources.

#3 Andy OS:

It is a very responsive and user-friendly android emulator. With the help of this application, you can enjoy playing popular android games like Clash of Clans, Pokémon Go, etc. Not only game you can even run mostly used the android app on your PC. Its interface is attractive and it is developed by combining Android Marshmallow and KitKat OS. If you want to use if for entertaining purpose then you can download it for free. For its premium and business support, you need to pay some bucks.


  • Developed with a friendly user interface that loaded with many advanced features.
  • It is compatible with all platforms like MAC, Linux, and Windows.
  • With better graphics and error free platform it is one of the most used Android emulators.

#2 Bluestacks:

It is a mostly used and a popular android emulator.  It is regularly updated with many features that make it compatible with all PC and platform. If you want to have a better experience of Android on PC then Bluestack is the best. It is free to download and widely available in all popular app sources. With better graphics and usability it is the second position among best Android emulators. It supports both games and app, so if you have bored with small mobile screen and want to get a better experience in wider screen then this emulator is the one to try.


  • It is free to download and loaded with many advanced features.
  • Its interface is very friendly. So you can easily operate and get familiar with it.
  • You can run this application with minimum system hardware configuration.

#1 Remix OS Payer

It is the most popular and most advanced android emulation that millions of people are now using. It is developed with the Android Marshmallow version 6.0.1. It is compatible with all systems and supports all android apps and games. It is very easy to use and to navigate throughout its interface. Its developers are regularly updating its features in order to provide better Android experience on PC. It is very fast and advanced so you can run many apps simultaneously.


  • It comes with many features that other emulators failed to provide.
  • It suggests you with all recent and trending app.
  • You can run multiple apps at a time.
  • It is specially developed to play android games on Windows PC.

To play and to run any android app and game you need an emulator. It is only the emulators that can provide a better experience on mobile apps on PC. All apps that I have listed above come for free but to unlock some advanced features you need to spend some amount of cash. The online market is full of many Android emulators but here in this post the names that I have enlisted are popular and delivers better service. So, pick any android emulators from the list of top 10 best android emulators and get the Andy experience in your PC.

I am Akshay Raj. Android Lover, Traveller & Foodieee :D. Enginner by Proffesion but Blogger by Passion. Contact me on askhay@emulatorsbuzz.com
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I am Akshay Raj. Android Lover, Traveller & Foodieee :D. Enginner by Proffesion but Blogger by Passion. Contact me on askhay@emulatorsbuzz.com

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